San Mateo, California, US

Jebril's Skills

About Jebril

i'm a engineer with proven expertise in object-oriented analysis and design and exceptional record overseeing all facets of Software Development Life Cycle, from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance. Dedicated in the development of reactive applications (event-driven, scalable, resilient and responsive)

Currently i'm working for Tidemark, a real-time financial planning in the cloud in the Big Data Finance Team. My main job was to re-engine the distributed computation engine with Apache Spark to achieve data parallelism and scalability.

I have been working in a lot of different companies and for my start up project and i have a good expertise of architecture and large scale systems. I'm looking for a co founder that will have the skill to start a project in Big Data .

I'm currently exploring different ideas around machine learning and predictive analytics.
I'm open for others ideas.