Jeff Ausfeld

New York, New York, US

Why limit users to just people? ~Basecamp
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It's time to put the finishing touches on SymScribe by PolyInnovations. Which is basically completely eliminates the need to take notes in meetings for classroom forever. No more Notes! No More Notes!

I am looking to build the team in NYC that will hopefully help this take flight. There are the usual cascade of bugs and a few unfinished features which need to be flushed out both on the UI and UX side but you can certainly play with the cloud version whenever you like. For the programmers out there it's primarily a Linux, MySQL, NodeJS, AngularJS - HTML 5

I won't lie, it will be on the intense side given the scope but ultimately short term and not something you need to leave school or your job to help me finish up. This is for sweat equity, and I am happy to work on your schedule.

We have some soft yes's from several investors who just need to see that perfect commercially viable with proof of market acceptance back the launch. Which I know we can do together!


The time and energy saved through efficient learning can then be spent on applying ones newly acquired knowledge for the betterment and enjoyment of life for all people. - Jeff Ausfeld


Columbia University Graduate School of Engineering and Science

MS Mechanical Engineering

2003 - 2003