Jeff Badovick

Ormond Beach, Florida, US

I'm an inspirational business coach and I help people achieve major breakthroughs in business.
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Hey, Jeff Badovick here. I'm an inspiring business coach and I help people achieve major breakthroughs in business.

I jumped at the chance to get into business coaching in the latter part of 2016 after the sale of my booming consumer products business. Coaching was a vision for myself that I had held for a long time. Helping people is something that I value as the highest honor in this life.

Study, practice and honing my skills of business has always been one of my top priorities. I'm big on personal development with everything I do. With business being such a dominant field of my life's work, I am driven to continue my mastery of it.

In a certain sense, I view business like a real-life game of chess. I know from firsthand experience that business is a serious matter, but this mindset helps me with strategic thinking. I play to win...ALWAYS!

I try not to let fear hold me back. Whenever I have a sense of fear about something, I empower myself to run towards it so I'll overcome and conquer it.

I'm fascinated with the workings of humankind. Understanding ourselves and those around us allows us to function effectively in society. A deep understanding gives us a powerful platform to live and succeed in our lives.

I've been fortunate to have traveled around different parts of the world and have seen a lot of interesting things. All great experiences and memories, and I have a sincere appreciation for the amazing diversity in this world .

I treasure the relationships I've made throughout my life, including my career. I believe in developing friendships with the people I do business with because friends trust and respect each other.

My greatest accomplishments are being married to my wonderful wife for many years now, and we've created two beautiful and amazing daughters together. I couldn't be prouder as a husband and father.

I live on the east coast of Florida by choice. I work wherever it is that something needs to get done.

My long-term objective as a coach is to build a community of thriving entrepreneurs. An environment where my skills of business are accessible to many. Where people can succeed to live life on their own terms.

I have a lot of work ahead of me, and I'm excited about that. Because business is not a job for me. Its a passion.

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Professional Business Coach

Badovick, LLC

July 2016 - Today

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Zyxogen, LLC

March 2010 - Today

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