Jeff Dannel

Orlando, Florida, US

Founder Graitek, have MVP & paying customers, want experienced fundraiser Cofounder
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About Jeff

I founded Graitek about a year ago. It was originally created to solve a problem for a single Group, that when we mentioned it to other groups they had similar problems that Graitek would solve. Realizing there might me a larger opportunity we launched a marketing research campaign to see if the solution would appeal to a larger audience. It did, and we are at the MVP stage with paying customers. We have a small team put together that handles sales, and product development. We are looking to add a cofounder that has a background/experience in fundraising. We want someone who is easy to talk to, and work with that can stay focused on fundraising.


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Together, as a very talented team, we create amazing solutions delivered through the web and on mobile devices from sunny Lake Mary, Florida

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