Jeff Gladnick

Denver, Colorado, US

Jeff's Skills
Product Management

About Jeff

I'm a software engineer w/ about 13 years of experience. I founded, which is a fantastic platform for building dental websites.

Think wordpress for dentists if wordpress was specifically designed for Dentists. We've expanded the software to handle what we like to as "professional small businesses". Think Doctors of all types, lawyers, accountants, therapists, etc.

We know Dentists and how to market effective (+100k in revenue from $588 that we charge per year) Dental Websites, but we don't know the other markets as well.

We're trying to develop a strategy for moving into these areas, and moving into overseas markets (our software supports other languages).

We really need someone with experience taking a small, working company and scaling it to the big leagues.

Our competitors are officite and prosites, 10MM+ a year companies. They are well run business with slick marketing, but our software is better (a lot better, we checked).

The good news is the company is already making money. We have a small but steadily growing customer base. We even licensed our software to another company in the dental space that also markets websites. This may be a good option to consder.

We're based in Denver, CO but not 100% married to it. Boulder is an attractive option.