Jeff H

Denver, Colorado, US

Jeff H's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jeff H

I am a sales and marketing expert. I have spent the last 16 years either selling software or selling sales improvement solutions to software companies around the world. I have strong connections at companies like Oracle,, Workday, Splunk, and many more, big and small. I have an intimate understanding of the software market. I also have had a burning itch to start my own company. I have what I believe to be an outstanding and original idea that solves a significant and growing problem in business. I wish to start a SaaS company to solve this problem and have a strong vision of what the product should be to do this. I am looking for a smart, technical partner, who also ideally possesses general business sense, to help develop and bring this vision to reality. I want to create a really great company with a really strong culture. Please contact me if interested in chatting.