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Portsmouth, New Hampshire, US

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I am the President + CEO at ecoCFO, the only outsourced CFO and Strategic consulting firm dedicated to the energy and environmental industry.

As you know, a strong understanding of your financial data is critical to managing and growing an environmental or energy business.

But few decision makers have either the time or knowledge – and that’s understandable.

You’re busy enough without having to micromanage your books and perform the necessary finance functions that enable your business to operate properly.

As an outsourced CFO exclusively for energy and environmental businesses, I provide strategic decision-making support and financial insights that boost your bottom line. A few of my focus areas include:

• Fixing inconsistent cash flow
• Evaluating acquisition targets
• Performing competitive analysis
• Developing financial projections
• Securing loans or lines of credit

Simply put, I give you financial confidence and provide resources to better understand how your financial data impacts your strategic plan.

Having founded and/or run multiple businesses in different segments of the industry, I’m passionate about growing energy and environmental ventures looking to make a major impact on tomorrow’s world.

So in addition to providing insights into your company’s financial condition and performance, please don’t hesitate to use me as an objective sounding board.

Whether you’re evaluating expansion into a new market, have concerns about the many risks unique to energy and environmental businesses, or are assessing how to prepare your business for a period of high growth, you’ll get guidance that accelerates your success.

Visit for tips and educational articles, as well as my free executive awareness guide, "How to Uncover the Cash Flow Killers Crippling Your Company ... and Fix Them Before It’s Too Late."


Bryant University

BSBA Finance & Economics

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