Jeff Hronchek

Fort Worth, Texas, US

Industry Expert (Transportation) & Strategist
Jeff's Skills
Business Development
User Experience
Product Management

About Jeff

I know a little about business, and a lot about people and what makes them tick.

My idea is for a ride-app that is tweaked to have a much higher value proposition to both the driving and riding communities compared to current ride-apps on the market (no joke, 10 out of 10 people like the concept).
To make that happen, I created a new transportation model that blends the best parts of both the taxi model and the limo model of business. My app design incorporates new features to fit that model.
I pitched these changes to Uber, Lyft, and other existing companies just to hear back that this would conflict with their vision and mission. So it now has to become a startup, or not happen at all.

Work Experience


J&E Private Drivers

May 2012 - Today

Operations, scheduling, marketing, customer's a one man show (plus my partner) driving my clients to and from their destinations in the luxury transportaiton industry.