Jeff Mason

Baltimore, Maryland, US

Jeff's Skills
Product Management

About Jeff

My business partner and I have 15+ years experience building successful software companies. We believe that Decisionaire will be our next success.

Decisionaire makes it possible for anyone - regardless of their technical capabilities - to create, share, and even sell online content that is personalized to the specific needs of an individual. As interest in content marketing and online content personalization continues to grow, Decisionaire stands poised to take advantage of this with an easy to use, cost effective way to create and distribute online content that is dynamically tailored to the needs of an individual. Decisionaire's patent pending technology will become the software solution that marketing professionals use to enhance their content marketing effectiveness and drive more sales leads.

My partner is the technical brains behind Decisionaire and to realize our vision for the product we need some technical help. The beta version of our product is currently in use and we have learned a great deal about what needs to be in our v1 release. To get there, we need a skilled software developer who is proficient with Microsoft based technologies.