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Who I Am:

I have a strong background in commercial real estate and internet ventures. I’ve built my own companies and helped others build successful startups. I’ve also made mistakes along the way and learned from them. I have worked, consulted and implemented projects for companies from Fortune 500 firms to small (successful) startups. I have a myriad of connections to entrepreneurs, directors, CEOs, and many other important individuals. I have been working in the real estate and startup space for the past 28 years.

What We’re Doing:

The core application assists commercial real estate (CRE) brokers and agents in winning more business (increasing revenues) and saving time (reducing costs). It focuses on a specific aspect of CRE Marketing: Proposals and Offering Memorandums. But that is just the beginning. There are many more applications that tie into this, thereby increasing the value to the user. Think of this marketing niche as a toehold, like Normandy on D-Day. With a version 2 we’re about to invade and liberate the CRE Industry! We currently have a functioning version 1 with paying customers. However, v1’s feature set is limited and is thereby limiting my selling and retention ability. In fact, I have spoken to larger firms that are looking for solution like I envision in a v2 and are interested in deploying it across their organization. That is where you come in. We need to build a v2, right away. Every day that passes by is a missed opportunity.

Who You Are:

Above all, you need to be a strong full stack programmer/engineer that excels pretty much at everything that is required to build a front end with multiple data fields and inputs, and a backend that stores the data and organizes it to be rendered later. You also need to know how to work with certain APIs (e.g. maps). The end result of all the data (text, images, calculations, demographics, maps, PDFs) is a beautifully designed PDF document. However, there are other outputs as well, like microsites and email blast templates, based on the original data entered by the user. This is the core functionality of the application and you must know how to build it. You need to have an obsessive attention to detail and the ability to build an application from soup to nuts that can scale and is flexible to accommodate other features down the road. Although we have a designer on hand, you should also have an eye for user experience.

More to follow if you're interested. Just let me know!


USC Marshall School of Business

BS Business-Financial Analysis

1996 - 1996

NYU Polytechnic

MS New Media and Technology

2001 - 2001

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