Jeff T

Leesburg, Virginia, US

Jeff's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jeff

My co is Industry Vantage, LLC, a B2B digital publishing co several great relationships with trade associations and publish a number of B2B industry buyers guides and e-newsletters and we create revenue and profit today for our small team of 1FT and 2PT. Being mostly solo for past few years, it's taken me a long time to create sufficient revenue as a I go back and forth on a mix of product and operations tasks.

I am launching a new IT B2B lead generation tool for the IT VAR space -- using a SaaS tool, and would like to consider a company alliance with a small tech co, or to find a partner or two, or to size the effort for an angel or seed investment.

I/We need:
1) an alliance/ally in the product launch role -- preferably a B2B company with a tech-focused founder who needs a bizdev/marketing/sales co-founder role I could fill in exchange.

2) an ally in the technical SaaS area to help build technical road map to ensure product and technical stability.

3) a direct sales person, selling via outbound email marketing and email follow ups, lead capture and followup calls.

My experience is heavy B2B marketing, search engine, online directories, web marketing, sales channel partnerships and business development.