Jeff Ullman

Boulder, Colorado, US

Jeff's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jeff

I created the most successful high tech/high touch B2C social introduction service in the world, and helped more singles meet, date and marry, than the 20th Century. Now, my team and I are nearing completion on a working prototype for a breakthrough new media (multi-platform/mobile/Facebook/website) consumer product for Couples, but we cannot do it alone; hence, you're invited to inquire more, and perhaps join forces.

In the last few months, numerous startups were funded with $1M+ angel funds for absurdly simple mobile apps. When you compare what we've already got to theirs, it's likely you'll see the opportunity. (One thing can be said for theirs that cannot be said for ours: They are launched, and we are not) This is where you come in....

We could go many different ways on how we could work together; all of which depends upon your skill set, resources and level of commitment. Our preferences are:

1) You're an angel investor and can match our 6-figure investment; or
2) You're a seasoned CEO (and/or founder) of a successful mobile or Facebook company. No question about it, you've proven yourself, and want to serve at a C-level again; or
3) You're a seasoned CMO who owes your success to the ingeniousness of your ideas and implementation; or
4) You're a seasoned CTO who can program as well as any senior level mobile (IOS and Android) developer, and you can lead your hand-picked team to deliver the goods again and again and again.

There may be other scenarios which could benefit us both, but until we exchange more information, this will have to do for now.

I created Great Expectations video dating; maybe we can two-gether fulfill everyone's greatest romantic (and our financial) expectations....