Jeff Williams

Burlington, North Carolina, US

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Product Management

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Founded 2+ startups

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Looking for a CEO with experience in the home construction industry, an understanding of automation and product development, and able to bring funding in.

Williams Robotics, LLC, has developed robotic technology to build houses. This is an opportunity to be the provider of disruptive technology with a technologist who "has done it before".

Home building provides a fundamental human need - shelter. For the last couple hundred years it has been done pretty much the same way - a bunch of guys, wack a bunch of nails, into a bunch of sticks. While this yields clearly adequate structures, the process has here-to-fore failed to evolve any meaningful efficiency.

Williams Robotics has developed patented technology, based on industrial robotic arms, to efficiently construct wall panels (stud walls). This technology has advanced to the point that it is reasonable to take it out of the lab and commercialize it in the context of a fully operational company. The envisioned organization will be a "heavy iron" company with world-class engineering, market driving sales and product management, manufacturing, and employee ownership. The broad market is target-rich for on-going product development and it is believed that the know-how proven to date forms the basis for many new developments that will robotically build a house from "sill-to-ridge."

The founder is a technologist - not an entrepreneur. He's looking for someone who can be a great CEO, that can parse out the market, brainstorm with the techs, flesh-out the vision, and then lead the organization from zero to amazing.
This can be a $10 million dollar business or a $100+ million business - are you the person to make it the latter?


Purdue University

B.S. Aeronautics / Astronautics

1981 - 1981

Purdue University

M.S. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering

1984 - 1984