Jeffery Palumbo

Richmond, Virginia, US

Jeffery's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jeffery

We are the modern day Rockefeller, but were not in the oil game, the new oil is DATA. Data is projected to grow by multiples of many thousands over in the next 10 years. The most valuable data of all is purchase data. Purchase data that we have and are leveraging to build incredible solutions. Join our start-up as a co-founder with bleeding edge technology. A company who's solutions are helping business of all sizes, consumers, nonprofits and publishers. We power a number of solutions that create more meaningful relationships for these parties. We drive commerce, loyalty, member monitzation, offers, rewards, points, mobile and more. Our current and small founding team has a track record of success. Including starting the 97th most visited website in the world with over 66 million members and launching a deal origination platform that powered yahoo and other large companies. Two of their past companies have gone public with successful exits for everyone. Were great at the vision, the product, user acquisition, business development, partnerships etc. but were weak in technology. We need a capable partner who can build technology and manage technology development. A brilliant superstar who wants to be a part of something great, make some money have some fun and be proud of it all. Maybe that's you, if so lets talk. We are to market with numerous products and looking to take it the next level together.