Jeffrey Bowdoin

Roseville, California, US

Jeffrey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jeffrey

I'm an incredibly motivated person with a BA in Economics. My passions are economics, business, design, internet marketing and SEO. I am a sort of jack of all trades and I usually just learn as I go, getting things done as needed. However, my biggest skillset for a startup would be SEO and internet marketing. I have an advanced skill-set in SEO, and can really drive long-term traffic to any startup idea.

I don't do the 9-5 and never will. As an entrepreneur, I usually do 9-9! but at least I don't have a boss :) I currently own a successful online business selling vape pens ( and some other ecommerce related businesses (pretty much all semi-automated at this point).

I am interested in SAAS business models or Web startups because of the potential for growth and the low (or 0) marginal cost nature. I have several great ideas for some web startup companies. I am in the process of learning programming /ruby on rails to make my business ideas a reality. Until I fully learn how to program (and even after I do), I am looking for technical co-founders.

I am an inventor/ idea person and can come up with many "million dollar" ideas. However I know that ideas are really a dime a dozen and it's all about the team. I am open to any other great startup ideas to pursue, if the right team is in place.

I am probably more motivated than anyone you will ever meet. I am interested in partnering with anyone that has that hunger to change the world. I don't care what skills you have (well technical skills are nice), but really if you have that hunger, we can move mountains. That's what counts. If you work with me, I guarantee we will change the world together. So lets do this!