Jeffrey G.

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, US

Jeffrey's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jeffrey

We are at the precipice of a revolution which will have the power to democratize skills and knowledge. Contact me if you want to create something great that will change the way people learn.

A bit about me...I have fairly diverse set of interests and skills. I have both an MD and an MBA from "The" Ohio State University. I have a knack for identifying ways to make things better, and a passion for putting those ideas into action.

I formed SkillsChat LLC in order to capture an opportunity I see in the e-learning space. I am learning to do some coding myself and appreciate how difficult it is to put together a quality product. I am looking for a co-founder with web development skills and experience to share in ownership of the company. Together we will design and develop what has the potential to be an awesome product for millions worldwide.

I can promise that we will have a lot of fun working together to create something great. If this sounds interesting to you then send me a message as I would love to hear from you.