Jeffrey Peña

New York, New York, US

Jeffrey's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

About Jeffrey

I have worked at architecture firms around the world and have worked with many collaborators in developing cultural projects in New York, Miami, San Francisco and many other cities. My interests are broad. They range from the visual arts to technology, real estate and architecture. I earned a Masters of Architecture from Rhode Island School of Design and since then have been working on privately held diversified cultural development projects. My next move is to open up ideas I have been developing into a collaborative architecture firm that creates technologies for other architects and developers. We will also host an in-house design studio in addition to crowdsourcing our own development sites around the globe with a proprietary desktop and mobile app.

I'm looking for ambitious collaborators who are interested in the future of the built environment. You must be inventive and driven by curiosity. Special knowledge about augmented reality, crowdsourced place-making and physical computing will add greatly to the core products being developed. Previous experience in high rise and multi block development, tech startups and corporate finance knowledge (previous mergers, acquisitions,exits etc) all highly valued.

We are all inspiring change makers interested in transforming space.