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I'm a Seattleite hailing from the Great White North...Vancouver, BC, with a background in B2B sales, recruiting and a passion for helping people. After significant opportunity research, I am using technology to affect change in age-old processes, solve a *real problem* and make some money while doing it.

ABOUT MY PRODUCT: What do relationships, real estate and job hunting all have in common? They're, arguably, three of the four most important decisions people make in their lives. Today, people making these decisions benefit from huge online databases of detailed, personal information that makes searching for "the one" convenient and efficient. It's pretty crazy to think that such a system isn't readily available for the other significant decision and investment millions of people make every Edunami will change that. By giving college-bound students the opportunity to showcase their uniqueness and market themselves as more than simple grades and test scores, we are going to change how the world thinks about and approaches college applications and how colleges and students find and connect with "the one". We'll be the central database and hub for all admissions relevant information.

This is more than just an idea. I have a strong business plan, MVP prototype developed (via contractors), and interest from high schoolers, parents, college professionals and investors. With only one direct competitor (recently acquired by a large education-based corporation and far more limited in scope and design), the landscape is primed for edunami.

I'm on the hunt to find the right person to help co-found this company with me (or, at a minimum, come onboard as a partner developer). For this spot, I need an experienced web developer with an eye for design (or a friend with design experience looking to join as well) and the time and drive to commit to building an industry-altering company. Scalability will be key, as will development for mobile use.

Looking to connect asap.

Email me ( if you're interested in more info