Jennifer Benthien

Florianópolis, Brazil

Jennifer's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jennifer

I have been working with education for more than 13 years now, teaching foreign languages. In the last 3 years I have been teaching also online. Learning a new language is becoming more and more important each day with globalization and the use of the right technologies and learning/teaching techniques can transform the process into something quicker and nicer.
The idea is to create a platform where students and private language teachers can find the right tools to take the most out of elearning. Also based on tests to better understand the students and the way they learn, specific materials will be available for students (flashcards, videos, podcasts, exercises...) daily.
I have lived abroad for 7 years (Germany, England and France) and learned 4 foreign languages (learning one more at the moment) so I know exactly what students go trough during the process of learning a new language and the perils in between..