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Founder @ Levantr
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I have 9+ years of experience in product, CX and operational strategy across Fintech, Healthtech, and on-demand consumer tech (Uber).

Levantr: PM tool for group travel ----------------------------------

I'm now spending 80% of my time on my startup idea. Levantr (like the wind in the book, The Alchemist) is a group travel planning tool focused on making the life of the 'planner' in the group.

Every time I’ve booked travel with friends over the last 10 years, I’ve found planning to be painful and tedious involving so many methods of communication such as texts, calls, tagging each other on social media posts, and long email threads. It is always like herding cats at every step. Travel is supposed to be a bonding, growing experience with my close friends and I was tired of logistical drama getting in the way of that. So I’ve developed the concept for an application that eliminates the most annoying aspects of group travel planning by automating information sharing, decision making and logistics coordinating.

Imagine this. Everyone can automatically capture interesting ideas they come across during their research and add them to a shared idea board. A poll/survey can be created to make group decisions on accommodations, activities, and other trip considerations. You and your crew can then start putting together an interactive itinerary to help you figure out different levels of logistics.

High-fidelity mockups are being created at the moment. Levantr will also be joining a pre-seed accelerator starting September w/ the goal to start fundraising early next year.

Looking for a technical co-founder who can join now or later once MVP is built. S/he ideally should...:
- have experience managing dev teams
- have experience building web and mobile applications
- be able to create development roadmap and project-manage the process
- be good at communicating product functionalities in simple, non-technical language
- know how to determine good vs. bad UX elements
- be proficient at running user tests
- be a great communicator / presenter (fluent in business English)

Also very much open to networking opportunities and bounce ideas off each other. =)
Please reach out to me here or on LinkedIn if you are interested in connecting!


"I find it unrewarding to be consistent. The world is full of interesting, funny, excruciating things. My attention wanders, my appetites change." - Bert Flugelman


New York University - Stern School of Business


2007 - 2011