Jennifer Torres

Taguig, Philippines

Co-Founder & CMO at FiLDEV • Full Stack Digital Marketer • #EntrePinay
Jennifer's Skills
Project Planning
Product Launch
Product Development
Software Implementation
Strategic Partnerships
Strategic Communications
Strategic Planning
Training & Development
Web Standards
Web Development
Web Design
Web 2.0
Visual Design
Video Editing
User Research
User Interface
User Experience
UX Design
Social Influencer Engagement
Social Media Marketing
Social Networking
Software Design
Social Media
Social Commerce
Shopper Marketing
Responsive Web Design
Search Marketing
Sales Management
Relationship Management
Reputation Management
Quality Assurance
Project Management
Product Marketing
Process Optimization
Print Design
Presentation Design
Content Development
Content Management
Data Mining
Digital Media
Digital Strategy
Marketing Research
Online Marketing
Mobile Design
Market Research
Logo Design
Lead Generation
Graphic Design
Email Marketing
Digital Marketing
Digital Brand Strategy
Design Strategy
Customer Management
Creative Strategy
Creative Direction
Business Operations
Branding & Identity
B2B Marketing
Art Direction
Adobe Creative Suite

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

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About Jennifer

✅ Exceptional Creative UI/UX Designer, Consultant and Director
With 15+ years core expertise & experience in print, media and web design & development, servicing local & global B2Bs, B2Cs, SMEs, mid to large scale corporations & enterprises globally.

✅ Diverse Digital & Social Media Marketer Generating $700-Million worth of B2B & B2C Leads For Multinational Firms

✅ Effective Value-Driven Manager, Team Player & Problem Solver
Assertive, value-driven manager bringing in the best talents and skills in the team, contributing to the company's growth and success. Always driven to learn new technologies, trains & shares with team to produce exceptional results.

✅ A Creative, Talented Visionary with an Entrepreneur's Mindset
Creativity is my inborn talent. I have the eye and passion for good, sensible design, and a visionary with excellent imaginary and logical skills. Making things happen whenever possible, ensuring my work adds value to my businesses and my clients.

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"Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you." - Matthew 7:7-10

Work Experience

Chief Marketing Officer


February 2018 - Today

I lead, manage and direct our company's design and development team. I'm also responsible for reaching out prospects and leads as well as in carrying out marketing effort in order to generate new clients and nurture our existing ones.

Founder / Owner / Brand Strategist

Mang Butch Filipino Delicacies

November 2017 - Today

I created, conceptualized and designed the brand, identity and packaging of Mang Butch Delicacies. Handled client, distributor and supplier relations to ensure the brand and quality of food maintains the business' standards. Promoted, ran marketing and managing sales activities of the product throughout various sales channels and distributors

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