Jens aka "Mr Cool" Raun

Gold Coast, Australia

"Mr Cool" can help you avoid the pitfalls when moving from idea to a viable business!
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About Jens aka "Mr Cool"

Jens - aka “Mr Cool” - Raun


Jens is a Danish-Australian citizen who started calling Australia home back in 1989. He studied Economics & Business Administration at the Copenhagen Business School.

He has worked more than 27 years in the corporate world in IT & Telecommunication (Alcatel, Motorola, Optus, Tele Denmark & Qantas) - in sales & marketing, in business development, in IT systems development & in IT program management where he successfully managed several multi-million dollar deals/projects (Delta Air Lines Network Management System, Qantas Operation Systems, Malaysia Telecom Mobile IN system, Hutchison Telecommunications/3 IN system, Sunrise CCBS, Ben CCBS & Optus CCBS) and managed staff up to 100+.

Jens started his own Australian business (Nuar Pty Ltd) back in 2002 with a focus on IT & Business consulting, He believes being self-employed is the best decision he ever made and wants to help other do the same. Today his services include Lean Startup Mentoring services, WordPress Web Site Development services, General Business Consulting & Support services (including assisting business from over sea evaluating/getting into the Australian & New Zealand markets).

He established his first startup in 1998. He has as an entrepreneur experienced several startup failures, but also had a few wins. He is the founder of The Startup Guide where he practice “pay-it-forward”, helping entrepreneurs/startups/small businesses owners – increase their odds of building a successful business and rapidly move forward with their business ideas using the Lean Startup methodology.

Jens should have retired by now, but he loves what he is doing, he is very much into technology, tech-focused startups, website development, new gadgets & funky house music. He has a Linkedin business network of more than 2,800 connections. He believes in the principle of “giving” rather than “gaining”; his priorities in life are simple:
1. HELP people 2. Have FUN & 3. Make a bit of MONEY – in that order!!!

Although his business Nuar Pty is registered in Sydney Jens actually lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland enjoying the year round better weather.


If you never try - you will never know! Fake it, until you make it! - Jens Raun

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