Jens Juul

Copenhagen, Denmark

Jens's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jens

I've been working in the gambling business for about 4 years and have extensive knowledge within operations, marketing and sportsbetting. The startup is going to be based around sportsbetting/casino.

In relations to this I'm looking for a co-founder to act as CTO. It is important that the person has a young and fresh mindset. The idea revolves around social media, so knowledge and implementation of this is absolute essential. The platform will mostly be mobile which makes it important to have understanding of mobile development and user experience.

The CTO is going to be leading a small team of developers/designers/programmers and is going to be responsible for hiring these too, so people skills are also vital.

Furthermore it is an advantage if the co-founder is interested in sports or betting.

Take a look at to see approximately what needs to be built.

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