Jeremy Lindlbauer

Ann Arbor, Michigan, US

Jeremy's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jeremy

TurtleCell is based on creating innovation in the mobile accessories space starting with a patent pending iPhone case with retractable headphones built into the case at minimal additional thickness. We have begun generating funding and have won multiple awards for the engineering behind our product. At this point, we have a lead engineer who is responsible for our technology (CTO) who is a graduate of UofM, a chief of marketing (myself) who is a senior at MSU studying SCM, and a CEO with a background in both engineering and business that is a senior at UofM going to class part time for an increased focus on the business. As we have continued to grow and get closer to launch, we have developed an increasing need for engineering support, specifically electrical or mechanical as well as general support on the business/marketing side. We are currently working out of Spark Central in Ann Arbor. Please feel free to reach out for more information!