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Up until Nov '12 I was an estimator/project manager for a large commercial construction company based in Cary, NC. I have a BS in Construction Management and have always had a creative passion for design and building, but after graduation I quickly realized I wasn't able to fully tap into that passion in my position and I soon began to feel my motivation and drive diminishing along with my creativity. Unfortunately my industry was one of those hit hardest during the recession and the fear of abandoning ship in the middle of the storm kept me onboard for a few too many years, but I value the additional experience I had working with my team members through rough times in uncharted territories. In my position I was responsible for building the budget for a project ($20k-$2M) and leading our team through the job from start to finish, while managing relationships with our customers and other contractors/tradesmen involved on the same project. I had the opportunity to work on 100+ projects all over Eastern NC with a variety of clients on healthcare facilities, industrial/manufacturing plants, educational campuses, government/municipal facilities, and office/retail developments. I only had a few projects under my belt before seeing how outdated the industry is; construction companies and individuals have been building with the same means and methods for decades. I'm not referring to the materials used and installation procedures, both of which innovate by leaps and bounds each year, but the way we communicate, share, and collaborate during the life of a project hasn't changed much since cell phones came around years ago. When I first began frequenting jobsites ('05-'06), we were in the middle of the Nextel era, which was a revolutionary time for the construction industry. Nextel's were cheap, provided an expansive network, and I'd credit that "chirp" with introducing and spreading mobile technology to those in the construction industry who had never used or considered a tool more advanced than a self-leveling laser guide or a battery operated caulk gun. Then came the Blackberry and all of a sudden email no longer confined you to your desktop. We all know Apple took us beyond mobile email, but aside from a few Word/Excel templates floating around and heavy use of email (total reliance), project management is still a rudimentary, antiquated operation with very few industry standards. This was about the time we got hit hard by the recession and with revenues at 20yr lows, it was a fight for survival and nobody had extra cash to invest in new technology. The industry became stagnant while advances in mobile software/hardware were changing the world around us. Until now. We're finally seeing iPhones, Droids, and tablets on more jobsites than ever, but since it's an emerging market of late-adopters, the tools they need most aren't all available yet. That's where you and I come in.


East Carolina University

Construction Management

2007 - 2007