Jeremy Shasha

Los Angeles, California, US

Jeremy's Skills
Product Management

About Jeremy

Hello, I am an entrepreneur with a very good idea. The idea is all wire framed and partially professionally designed already. I have a super savvy business partner with an MBA who handles all the business side of the company. I handle the product management and marketing and we meet in the middle. We have a very respected law firm that has deferred fees for us and we have own another company that will help us market our app for free. We have gone as far as we can go without coding. I'm looking for a very good app developer that is willing to work for at least some equity. We are currently raising an angel round and will have some money as well. We are willing to negotiate if we that right partner. IOS and Android would be great but just IOS is ok. Anyone interested must be willing to sign an NDA and live in or around Los Angeles.