Jeremy Wright

Toronto, Canada

Jeremy's Skills
Product Management
Business Development

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Jeremy

I'm an entrepreneur and builder at heart. My passion is to grow and scale companies, and I've done it twice with my own companies and several times as CEO at others or running global practices for large multi-national agencies.

For me, growth and scale is more than just bringing in revenue and partnerships (though I love doing those things), it's about providing a solid foundation. The operations, platforms, culture and all the "little things" that are easy to forget about that, if you don't do them, you will fail (and fail fast, but not in a good way!).

I've raised funding, defined products, built multi-national companies, created and led industries, written books, given hundreds of talks, won hundreds of awards...

And I'm looking to do something new, either to help lead an amazing company started by a young team (you focus on Product/Tech, I ensure it actually gets to market and the company grows) or with someone who's equally experienced where we can put our heads together and create something special.

Either way, I'm ready to jump back into the Founder/Co-Founder/CEO role, so let's grab coffee and chat!