Jerome Stone

Boulder, Colorado, US

Jerome's Skills
Business Development

About Jerome

I've been a registered nurse for 30 years and have worked a variety of unique and demanding clinical arenas, including ICU, hospice care, pain management and pharma. Last year I jettisoned the employee role to start my own consulting biz and published a book.

I'm definitely a hustler. Give me a cause and I'll run with it. Show me something that's really worthwhile and that helps to make people's lives a little bit easier and I'm in. My enthusiasm in contagious and I have no problem standing in front of large crowds telling them why they need to take a different view on things or think differently.

Even though I'm an RN by training and a writer by trade, I'm a thinker and and idea person. I'm presently involved with a team (of 3) developing a new healthcare-access startup.