Santa Monica, California, US

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About Jerry

I am senior software development manager, and have been working on video technology, computer vision, and AI in the industry all my life so far for more than 15 years with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering. I have been a scientist, research program manager, and then a senior development manager.

Through years of collaboration with industry's best experts and know-hows across the globe developing innovative algorithms and applications, and rapid transformation from research to products, it has been my greatest satisfaction to see some of the most successful results now being widely used in virtually everybody's room, on smartphones, and in airplanes.

I also worked in startup and liked the excitement and an unparalleled sense of pushing for target. This is the right time to make another leap with the computer vision and machine learning technology becoming mature enough for prime time. But AI and machine learning is just beginning, lots of creative effort is needed to make them usable for effective and market differentiating solutions.

I bring with me industry experiences and connections in technology, online TV broadcasting, medical, and security and defense. In addition to team building, management, strategy planning, I am an expert in specialty areas while also hands-on in broad spectra of software development from low-powered embedded to mobile, desktop (Linux and Windows) to cloud, and ARM/SIMD to GPU CUDA/OpenGL optimization. I am usually methodical in both development and management approaches.

I understand this is "looking to advise" page. Actually, I am open to join a startup to develop and execute well-set target. It is also possible that I may start to build a team for an incredible product that currently is still in the early stage of thought validation.


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