Jerry Metcoff

Roxbury, Connecticut, US

CTO and product developer
Jerry's Skills

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Jerry

I am a software architect, development leader and executive manager. I have created multiple commercially-sold software product lines. I have been a founder and partner in multiple successful software companies, creating world-class products that have won multiple industry awards, as well as US and international patents.

I am an expert in communications, database, Internet development, and document processing. I am currently working in Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing.

Specialties: Product architecture, design & creation. Managing development teams. C++, C# (.NET), PHP, and Java/JS development.

Work Experience

Chief Technical Officer


June 2017 - Today

GypsyBI is our new startup that provides financial reporting solutions for companies ranging from small businesses to large franchises. We work with QuickBooks, Jedox, and other financial reporting systems. For more information, see our web site at