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Jesal Gadhia

Los Angeles, United States
Startup stage
Technical, Programming, Sales, Product Management, Marketing, Management, Finance, Design, Business Development, Operations, User Experience, Strategy, Fundraising
Seasoned full-stack developer. Started my programming adventures at an early age, writing code for fun. Co-founded and lead engineering at a digital agency before. Experienced in team building & technical leadership by having been part of several start-up founding teams. Architected & developed dozens of high traffic websites for various major brands, start-ups and small businesses. Used a variety of languages and frameworks to get the job done ranging from Django/Python to ASP.NET/C#. At the moment, enjoying Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, and PostgresSQL I'm interested in trying out several small ideas that we can ship quickly to test the waters whether it be a SaaS product, consumer goods or even a book. I believe in a fail early, fail fast, fail often approach until we find the right product market fit. I have couple of ideas of my own but I'm not set on any of them. I want to work as a team and explore different ideas and potentially come up with something that we are both excited about building. Ideally I would prefer to collaborate with someone who has a strong web Design/UI/UX background as I find those skills very complimentary to mine but I'm open to networking with people from all backgrounds and skill sets. My site:

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