Kings County, New York, US

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About Jesús

I'm an experienced and successful visual artist, director/producer and coder. Right now I'm working primarily in Swift/iOS, though I am not the ideal CTO in a startup situation. My strengths are in understanding usability, designing with technical aspects in mind while being able to debug and contribute to code as needed, business development, marketing and design/art. I'm a great producer, meaning I have an exacting eye for detail and high standards for making something magic. My media contacts run deep and serve as a huge asset in rolling out a new project.

My interests range from the arts, to education, to health and fitness, to social and political movements. I'm a tireless worker and creative thinker.

I'm most interested in developing one of my own ideas, which revolve around bringing augmented reality interactivity to existing technologies be it to further intimacy in digital comm, or to enhance educational experiences. If you are motivated by the idea of connecting the world through technology in more meaningful and interactive ways, get in touch. Ideally I want to work with other multi-disciplinary founders who have vision, a strategic mind, and a great set of skills, though if a fantastic person focused solely on programming comes along, I'm open to that too.

I'm a good bit through prototyping an AR telecomm app for iOS in Swift. Open to sharing more info for other people who are programming for iOS.


Yale University

BA Political Science

2004 - 2004