Jessamyn Hodge

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Jessamyn's Skills
Product Management

About Jessamyn

I'm one part manager one part designer one part product vision. I have an extensive background in both client facing project management, internal project/program management, engineering management, as well as product design/information architecture/product management. I've designed for mobile as well as web products - and recently for a kiosk installation.

I am capable - if not the best - at some level of development (generally only for mockups. HTML/CSS or HAML/Sass based - some RoR but not recent)

I do design as needed (typical Adobe tools) and prototypes (balsamiq/axure/html) but my strongest point is defining the system/use cases and working with engineers to suss out all the cases.

I'm looking for a passionate team - people who want to be where they are, no matter the cause. I have a preference for software that can better the human (or animal) condition, but the only thing that I have an aversion to is ads.