Jesse Drelick

Santa Monica, California, US

Jesse's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Jesse

I am a technical founder that has managed to put together a small team for my startup Phourus, a crowd-sorted information platform for organizations. We already have a mature product, established business model, pitch deck and some leads for a seed round, as well as a few teams ready to be early adopters for the platform.

Admittedly, as a technical founder, I have been finding it very difficult to bounce back and forth between the roles of CEO and CTO. Managing the vision and direction of the business and more importantly the people, while trying to also push the product forward, delivering exciting new features, refining usability and squashing those pesky bugs are two very different skill sets that are hard to switch between.

In addition, I am quite close to the product which isn't always a good thing for making the right decisions for the BUSINESS. But at least I acknowledge that!

With that said, we are looking for an experienced leader who can take over the CEO role and turn my product vision into a legitimate business. I figure I can either be a really ineffective CEO + CTO, or find someone better than me to be CEO so I can be a great CTO.

If you are passionate about turning innovate products into successful businesses with the experience to back it up, let's talk! :)

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