Jesse Wacht

San Diego, California, US

Craft Beer Co-founder Sought
Jesse's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Jesse

eBTV is seeking a seventh Co-founder - a Sales and Fund Raising pro with significant experience in high-ticket television advertising or video series sponsorship sales. That Co-founder, like the others on our team, would be required to invest between 5-15k, along with their sweat equity,

This person’s primary role will be selling advertising: establishing contact with potential advertisers and their agencies, pushing conversations forward, and finalizing customized niche market sponsorship packages.

About the Co-founder Opportunity

In addition to commissions, this Co-founder opportunity offers equity for hours invested in our roll out phase. There’s also equity for developing and maintaining the future efforts of the eBTV sale’s team.

About eBTV

It’s hard to explain what eBTV does since no one’s ever done it before. You understand what self-contained episodes of TV are. They’re shows like “Criminal Minds” and “The Big Bang Theory”, where you can watch the episode, and it entirely makes sense all by itself.

You get what the internet, webinars, social media and LIVE events are – especially the spontaneous ones that let it fly – using real humans. You’ve never seen them all combined into 48 weekly live shows that use new interactive technology where audiences talk DIRECTLY to people in the know. Along with the show, each channel’s membership has their own place on social media to chill, and share thoughts on this week’s episode (or anything else). eBTV’s pilots currently in production are as diverse as Craft Beer and Alzheimer’s.

First Channel: Your Beer Show (

Developed by eBroadcastTV (eBTV), Your Beer Show is the FIRST online weekly INTERACTIVE craft beer happy hour – streaming live from San Diego, California, to your devices at home or on the go. The entire Craft Beer channel – our live, unscripted television show, videos and web content – feature brewers, experts and beer fans from around the world – combining entertainment with education. And (did we mention), for the first time ever – INTERACTIVELY!

Desired Skills & Experience

Ideally, candidates would have strong pre-existing contacts at digital ad agencies or a rolledex of potential large sponsor clients in niche/vertical markets they can target. We don't expect you to be a leading expert on more than a few major advertiser categories -- though we won't turn you down if you are! However, if you are (for example) primarily focused on some of our initial target markets, as a Co-founder you need the ability to recruit other sales people, and advise and mentor those new people as they implement the sales cycle you have helped refine.

Developing new revenue ideas is also a major part of this Co-founder position, both for value-adds to advertising packages and also for new revenue streams made available by our sites' audiences.

We’re located in San Diego, CA. The right candidate can mostly work remotely, but preference will be given to California residents and access to West Coast agencies and clients, and New York residents with east coast agency and client access.

Please tell us why you’re a fit for our company. If your application doesn’t address why your skills and experience line up with our particular assets and goals, you probably won’t be considered.


“There has to be this pioneer, the individual who has the courage,the ambition to overcome the obstacles that always develop when one tries to do something worthwhile, especially when it is new and different.” - Alfred P. Sloan , long-time President, Chairman and CEO of General Motors Corporation