Jesse Warren

Maywood, California, US

Writer/Director and Creative Consultant
Jesse's Skills
Product Management

About Jesse

I am an award-winning writer/director and creator of the first million dollar web series -- THE BANNEN WAY -- for Sony. We attracted an unprecedented 14 million views on, garnered multiple awards, and the web/feature model we invented has since become an industry standard.

Innovation is my strongest motivator. For my UCLA (theatre) senior thesis, I created a mixed media film that I projected onto a life-screen on stage. As the sole live performer, I interacted with the other characters on screen, sometimes jumping in and out of the film itself, which brought a new dimension of storytelling to the audience. The success of this project sparked a series of mixed media plays at UCLA for years since.

For the past 5 years I have been a creative consultant, where I've helped conceptualize TV series, multi-platform projects, ARGs, even a billion dollar campaign for an interactive multi-media experience.

Work Experience

Sales, Marketing, PR, Admin

Searching for a new opportunity in Beirut!

October 2014 - December 2016