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Jessica Davis

Business Developer, Marketer

Charlotte, North Carolina, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Jessica

My name is Jessica and I've been in the web industry for 15 years. Over the years I've worked in almost every capacity, including web design, development, marketing, analytics, usability, and on and on. I am at a point, where I want to move out on my own and create something that will better help the businesses of the world manage their online presence. The idea I have is for a full service web services firm in Charlotte, North Carolina. By full service, I do mean completely full service. Everything a company of any size would need to develop, design, manage, market, and measure their web presence. But in order to do this, I need some help. There is no way I can do everything by myself. So, I'm looking for 1 - 3 others to help me make this dream come true. I'm looking for some partners. I need people who are strong in the areas where I am weak, particularly graphic / web design and programming / coding. Your number of years of experience are not very important to me. I'm looking for skill level (are you amazing at what you do?) and passion (do you love what you do?). Those two things together make a great partner!

Managing People

Wayne State University

BS Information Systems - eCommerce

2010 - 2010

University of Maryland University College

MS in Information Technology Management

2010 - 2010