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Austin, Texas, US

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About Jesus

I am a recent graduate from the University of Texas. I am a person that enjoys finding creative and innovative solutions to complex problems, and enjoys the challenge of connecting small parts of a business or problem to reach a more big picture solution or business proposition. I was introduced to the entrepreneurship scenario through my interdisciplinary certificate in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship where I had the opportunity to meet and connect with great figures like Dr. Bob Metcalfe, Ben Dyer, Joshua Baer and Dr. John Butler. Together along with other seminars and workshops that I attended at UT, I honed my skills in bringing idea to enterprise, in starting lean and bootstrapping a start up. I also had the opportunity to participate in 3 Day Startup, where it became clear to me that the only way to know what the consumer wants is by going out there and asking them. It also made me realized the value of hard work and how you can accomplish something great in a short amount of time if you really have a group of interested folks that work towards the same goal. Finally, all of this experience made me want to have a start up of my own and thus OnePay came to life. We have managed to bring the company to its feet from nothing and have just finished the Longhorn Semester Startup Program where we had the opportunity to learn valuable skills from great mentors about UX Design, Financial Modeling, the Art of Sales, and of course starting and staying lean. We had a great response in Demo Day and got a lot of interest from a lot of people in seeing us going forward. We currently have a full functioning website and believe that with the proper team we can grow it to acquire a great portion of the regional market, and then grow organically from there to a more national stage. We have a long way to go, but the feedback and reception so far tells us that we have something good going on, and with the right marketing strategy, sales and strategy we can make it happen!

We are looking for a couple of people that can round up our team. Broadly we are looking for people that are enthusiastic about start ups and that really believe in our service. We all know that there are moments of uncertainty in every star up, so having someone that really understands, believes and has faith in the service will reflect in his work, which is why we want someone with that mindset.

Our openings include;
A Back-End Developer that knows its way around programming in different languages and that can help us bring some of our next phase ideas into reality.
An iOS Developer that knows its way around making, breaking and fixing an iOS App.
A Marketing Specialist that understands our market and can make and adapt a flexible marketing strategy.


The University of Texas at Austin

Economics & Political Science

2014 - 2014


Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship