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30 years of experience in the electronics industry, from engineering to business management, including project management, crisis resolutions, customer relations, ...
Started to test something completely different. Developped a "recreation" site initially targetted at associations and small communities making events such as the village summer feast , local dance festival with another cofounder who was mainly a developper, but since he got a a baby, and his wife works, he has even less time to code than before. The site is almost on hold, but we had many lessons learnt from our mistakes and are ready now to restart.
Looking for someone who is primarily a developper but of course who has some comm skills to eventually help in the selling job.
Since the site is not making money, we have no "legal" (or fiscal) existence and currently everything is on our own expenses ( which is not a problem since these expenses are very low).
We would together retarget the business and start a true business development, not only in France but mainly abroad.