Jian Liang Low

Singapore, Singapore

Jian Liang's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Jian Liang

Jian Liang has a flair for being everywhere, and tends to gravitate to events, donned in ReacTee.

Engaged entrepreneurially since age 5, as illegal hawker in neighbouring parks, selling his second hand toys to scam other kids. Unlike most he actively seeks out ways to make the most out of university instead of complaining.

The embodiment of #BeBold, with VC and investment experience in Beijing and Singapore. He also consulted for an Israeli tech startup in Israel.

For leisure, Jian Liang plays basketball, scuba dives, goes deep-sea fishing and volunteers at the Singapore Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). He never misses an opportunity to travel, lived in Beijing for a year to experience the startup culture, consulted in Israel for an Israeli tech startup and backpacked alone in the states for a month to explore potential.

Armed with experiences in startup ecosystems, it prepares him for the all out war he is declaring on changing the galaxy with Reactor.

Keep a lookout for Reactor Ventures. #Awesome
www. reactor.sg

We are on the lookout for people that have been in the education field, preferably youth entrepreneurial enducation, to advise us! :)