Jigar Patel

Reno, Nevada, US

Jigar's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Jigar

I'm Jigar Patel, 2nd generation entrepreneur. I have started up 2 startups that have been acquired within 6 years (talk about luck). More about me here, http://www.linkedin.com/in/jpatelreno.

I have co-founded and co-organize with Entrepreneurial Minds, a philanthropy and startup community organization. More about us here, emindsreno.org

I am currently working on an interactive database for startups an am looking for a lead developer that has first-hand experience or has mastered database design, implementation, and maintenance along with first-hand/mastered skills in HTML5, PHP, and Javascript, web development if you will.

Among the skills listed above, the first word in Lead Developer, is lead. Leadership skills are a must. Previous experience/track record/portfolio in lead development will be a plus but of course anyone who wants to gain experience in lead development is also welcome. Just provide a portfolio and lets talk.

Lead developer must be able to speak to humans, technical or non-technical. Explaining topics that everyone can understand is key, as communication is the most important skill to have and maintain.

Lead developer, must also be someone who is constantly evolving their knowledge. Participating in developer meetups, coding classes, meetings for hackers, participant in community wide events for startups brings light to the potential individual and speaks volumes for the future of the venture. Individual must also be willing to learn from their peers and understand that a story has 2 or more sides.

The first thing I look for are top-notch technical skills backed by the right experience. In order for us to scale effectively, the lead has to motivate their developers to go well over and beyond the regular call of duty. In true developer fashion, leads will only be respected if they prove that they’re technical experts.

I need to make sure that there is cultural fit. Ego, ignorance, arrogance will not make for a good fit as I am an individual with a surplus of gratitude. I replace ego and ignorance with proven knowledge.

And finally, a lead developer that keeps in contact. Many coders/developers say that they will stick to the project and keep in touch but end up falling off the edge of the Earth and make up excuses when confronted. I don't need that. These types of people gives developers a bad reputation, don't be one of them. I give two chances. First time is a learning experience, second time is hanging by a thread. Let's not create sour feelings for each other.

Other than that, let's have fun building something that most startups need and get you to CTO status!