Jigar Shah

San Francisco, California, US

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Product Management

About Jigar

I am an engineer who loves to build stuff and solve hard problems. I am building a platform that lets you relive precious moments by organizing your photos. Its called shalbum, available for IOS and Android. Shared album and group messaging features makes photo sharing simple and effortless so you can search for special moments of life like vacation, birthday, party etc.

Check it out at www.shalbum.com.


All great inventions start of as play. The point is to allow yourself to make mistakes, to find joy in the doing. do something you weren't going to do. Force yourself. Don't be scared of involving people, they are very giving. Don't worry about what others think. They will support you, because the act of striving unites us all. Learn. Just try. Something very magical happens when you try. - Mike Carter

Work Experience

Sr Software Engineer


March 2011 - December 2016