Jignesh Vakharia

San Francisco, California, US

Jignesh's Skills
Product Management

About Jignesh

I consider myself a product manager and a business developer.

I can code and have done so before in Java and Ruby. That being said, I'm looking for a terrific engineer that I can work with and launch products. While I can help to put together prototypes, I'm looking for someone that can help build scalable products. I'm looking for someone that loves the tech side, but also wants to build a sustaining business. If you are an engineer, you can be sure that I'll want to know why you are choosing redis or some other product.

While separation of responsibilities is fine, I think its much better to work together on all aspects of the business - from choosing the technology stack to figuring out the business model. This means that the product becomes a significant part of your life and you bring the right level of commitment (time, mental, etc)

I'm interested in both cash flow products as well as the true scalable startup.

I've done analytics, DW, middleware. On the business side I've done tech consulting, investment banking, and venture capital (basic experience for the last).

If we need domain experts for an idea we come up with, I'm open to going out and adding additional team members.

I'm working on a cash flow focused payments and billing business right now and have a prototype and a first customer.