Jim Bowes

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Promoting and producing sustainable natural-media techniques
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I am an advertising professional who left the tradition advertising industry to prove that advertising could have a much lower impact on our environment while having a higher impact on the audience. I founded GreenGraffiti one of the first "natural-media" companies in the world that produced over 650 natural media campaigns in 17 countries working for some of the worlds largest brands, SME, NGO's and many governmental agencies.
GreenGraffiti helped establish a new industry sector and though the business failed, the business concept is a big success with over 100 companies now offering similar services.
I was invited to speak at Ted X Warwick in 2014, (http://bit.ly/JimBowesTEDx) my company won awards for its innovative and sustainable nature and was ranked the 53rd most sustainable SME in the Netherlands..
GreenGraffiti also founded one of the first water foundations in 2008 (GreenAdsBlue) and provided clean drinking water to thousands of people. Our primary service was reverse graffiti which literally cleans a communication message out of the dirt using only a template, water and a power washer. No ink, no paper, no electricity and generating very little waste. We produced advertising for our clients here while providing clean drinking water in regions where it is scarce.
GreenGraffiti generated over 1.5 million in revenue doing something that was not officially allowed in a very conservative market. I take great pride in this accomplishment.

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Natural Media Experts

June 2015 - December 2016