Jim Zamer


Boston, Massachusetts, US

Helping first-time founders/seed-stage startups with funding to MVP, launch & grow.
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Seeking first-time, non-technical founders with vision who need initial funding, product development, marketing, BD, investor access, revenue strategy, and follow-on funding. Dedicated to helping the startup ecosystem. Extensive experience in startups. Technology product development & strategy consulting. Results-driven revenue engine strategist, founder, investor, and sales ops/growth expert with a track record of achievement and demonstrated success driving multi-million dollar revenue growth while providing visionary leadership in highly-competitive markets for early stage, high-growth startup ventures. 400+% career goal attainment. Solid track record securing key clients and increasing distribution to grow market share. Tenacious in building new business, securing customer loyalty, and forging strong relationships with external business partners. Exceptional mentor and coach. Able to combine business acumen with leadership abilities to recruit, build, scale, and train top-performing sales teams and identify/develop multiple revenue channels at each stage of the business lifecycle. Areas of specialization: true scale (built multiple 50+ person sales teams), digital strategy, SaaS, eComm, sales ops, cannatech, govtech, growth hacking, mobile 2.0, fintech, AI/machine learning/VR/AR.


We have a strategic plan - its called "doing things". - Herb Keller

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Managing Partner, Investments


January 2016 - Today

LaunchByte was formed by startup founders to help other startup founders. We leverage our experiences, our successes and our failures, to help seed and growth-stage founders augment their in-house dev teams and build really cool products, get funded, and continue to iterate, dominate, and thrive. Founded and run by startup executives and veterans with successful companies resulting in over $400M in exits, we help with everything from product development, platform development, UI/UX design, marketing, PR & digital media, business development & revenue engine strategy execution, advisory services, data rooms, legal services, and fundraising: we'll even help you with crushing that new release, cranking out a UI/UX overhaul, or developing that Android app you've been shelving forever. LaunchByte invests in startups via our unique reverse-angel concept. Whether you are developing your first prototype, building a mobile version of your web platform, or penetrating the complicated world of AI/machine learning, we've got your back. Our 30+ experienced, US-trained full-stack engineers, developers, UI/UX pros, and dedicated Project Managers are at your disposal to turn your idea into a solid business. For the enterprise, we leverage our startup chops, lean methodologies, and overall startup street cred to help forward-thinking enterprises rethink & reimagine their core teams, their approach to innovation, and their product roadmaps. Our engineers and startup founders work among your key team members, who are leading your innovation charge. This unique immersive experience helps to re-infuse startup DNA back into innovation-challenged enterprises who struggle to hire and retain top software development talent. www.LaunchByte.io | www.DevsOnDemand.io | www.KineticLabs.io


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Kinetic Labs (kineticlabs.io)

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