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Jimi Barrolle

Product Manager

Atlanta, Georgia, US


About Jimi

Hey, Im looking for a mobile app developer. Must be knowledgeable in the Instagram API, documentation, Swift and iOS.

I have built a location based nightlife app using collective media from Instagram API to sell tickets and provide real time media. view rich photo and video, purchase tickets directly from Instagram.

14 markets, 600 brands including UK and Canada

The app is nearly built. Im very excited about this project. Recently submitted to the app store, Apple told me to add a standard security feature I overlooked before they approve and I'd like to add a share feature, this is why I need help. Id prefer to stop outsourcing and bring in a technical cofounder. The database is already built using Parse. Im located in Atlanta and would like a dedicated technical mind on the team. Very open to discuss a partnership.

Im excited about the project and have an Instagram page up with a few hundred followers. Ive spoken to advisors in Boston and the Valley and just need some traction :)

Instagram cvrapp


talk soon!

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