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Jimmy Atohengbe

Founder Secureloop & Guardian, Inc.

Washington, United States
Startup stage
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Cyber Defense, Cyber Operations, Cyber Security, Information Security Management System (ISMS), Information Security Management, Information Security Governance, Information Security Consultancy, Information Security, Business Process, Business Process Analysis, Business Process Automation, Techincal, Digital Innovation, Product Innovation, Software Innovation, Technological Innovation, Innovation Consulting, Business Innovation, Innovation Management, Innovation Research, Innovation Development, Innovation, Technical, Design, User Experience
I'm an information security professional with over 15 years of experience. Prior, I had a tech consulting startup that operated for several years until the 2008 recession when a lot of our customers took a hit. Currently, the two separate startups are focusing on information security, one is in consulting while the other is focusing on SaaS for automation.. Secureloop, the consulting company seeks to partner with public/private clients in apply design thinking principles in delivering real solutions. Watchtower, Inc., the SaaS company is focused on solving industry-wide problems in this domain for public and private entities with automation and we are currently seeking co-founders in the following capacities to take it to the next level: CFO: in charge of all financial, accounting, budgeting, cash management and reporting decisions. etc both internal and external. Chief Revenue Officer (CRO): in charge of all "pre-sales" marketing/sales driven activities of the business. COO: in charge of all "post-sales" operations of the company to ensure a solid customer fulfillment experience. Check us out at (development in progress) and

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