Jimmy Flores

Mexico City, Mexico

Marketing pro looking for co-founder for fashion education startup
Jimmy's Skills
Fluent in Spanish
Fluent English
Social Media Strategist
Social Media ROI
Social Media Optimization (SMO)
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Education
Social Media Development
Social Media Consulting
Social Media Coaching
Social Media Advertising
Social Media
Content Management
Content Generation
Content Development
Content Design
Content Delivery
Content Curation
Content Commissioning
Content Auditing
Content Architecture
Marketing Concepts
Marketing Automation
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Activation
Educational Design
Education Strategy
Education Marketing
Education and Instructional Design
Education + Elearning
Inbound Marketing
Inbound Lead Generation
Business Strategy
Business Planning
Business Networking
Building Strong Relationships
Art Direction
Adobe Creative Suite
Product Management

About Jimmy

- 7 years of inbound and content marketing experience with a great track record
- Data driven product marketing manager with a focus on high growth tactics
- Lifecycle marketing following the AARRR stages for SaaS, B2B and consumer products
- Inbound and content marketing to drive product adoption
- Multimedia content design and production including video, podcasts and webinars
- Joy for teaching and training junior staff to help them grow into more senior roles
- Passion for designing and building scalable media projects from the ground up
- Excellent communicator, presenter and interviewer


"Everyone wants to be successful until they see what it actually takes." - Unknown

Work Experience

Inbound Marketing Manager


September 2016 - Today

ronhack is a school that provides coding bootcamp education in Miami, Madrid, Barcelona and Paris. Since 2013, over 800 students have graduated from Ironhack. - Project management for all inbound marketing objectives - Created an evergreen webinar to generate MQLs and qualify into SQLs - Launched Ironhack Global a free eLearning platform teaching web dev and UX/UI - Design an inbound marketing plan to increase student enrollment - Event planning and design to repackage and convert into various media formats - Track and measure the KPI’s and ROI of content marketing efforts - Develop new ideas and projects to engage potential students through digital media - Seek online partnerships to co-create branded content - Technical production and logistics for live streamed events on Facebook Live and other platforms - Podcast format experimentation to engage current and prospective students - Video content production for events and interviews