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Jimmy Tinio

Telecom & IT Entrepreneur/Businessman

Makati, Philippines
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Jimmy is a certified accountant by profession. Practiced financial consultancy in the Philippines, seconded by the World Bank to Ministry of Public Highways of Tanzania, East Africa as Chief Technical Accountant, in 1990-1991. In September 1996, he was convinced to go into Telco Engineering Services by his friends who have since returned to the Philippines from the Middle East. This proved to be the turning point. Having gained considerable experience in this field, he formed his own company in September, 1997 – Globaltek Asia Inc. that become one of the major player in the expansion of GSM coverage in the country activating more than 5,000 sites as of 2010 nationwide of various configurations (Microwave Transmission, BTS, In-Building Sites, Metro-Sites, Connect-Sites, Wi-Max/Wi-Fi sites, Broadband Sites, etc.) Widely respected in the Telecom, Information Security Industry, he is actively involved in various activities of the major industry organizations, which he continues to serve up to now. His accomplishments are summed up as follows: 1) Founder and President - Bitshield Security Consulting Inc., a vendor independent information security consulting firm in the Philippines (August 2008) and now consider a major player in the Philippines 2) Founder & President - JELCO Travel Transport Inc – (January, 2005) 3) Founder, President and CEO - Globaltek Asia, Inc. (September 1997-2013) 4) President - Superior Security Services, Inc (December 1988: acquired in July 2005-2013) 5) President - Integrated Telecommunications Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ITESAP). President since 2003 6) Director and officer since 2002-2007, 2014, 2015 – PETEF (Philippines Electronics & Telecommunications Federations, Inc.) 7) He is also deeply involved in various activities and member of the various Technical Working Committee created by National Telecommunication Commission, Office of ICT, Department of Trade and Industry, Department Of Science and Technology, etc.

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