Jinny Oh

Los Angeles, California, US

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Product Management
Business Development
User Experience

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About Jinny

I take creativity to the next level. In the past two years I’ve been running my own UI/UX design agency (www.wanderagency.com), managing designers and front-end developers across the US and overseas. Our team has worked with mainly startups, but some corporate accounts as well, through their creative process whether it was to start or rebrand their businesses.

My specialty is in branding and UI/UX design, but I’m one of those people who have worn many hats and have dabbled at many interests. By following one of those interests, I have created a marketplace platform where freelancers and their agents in the fashion and production industries can easily source jobs while casting directors and brand owners can easily post new jobs (www.mytrendi.com).

We’ve made great traction so far, but there are still so much left to do in order to get to the point where the company will become profitable. In order to do that, I need a technical cofounder to help me build version 2. I’m looking for someone to help hire and manage the new overseas development team, take lead on how we’ll approach the technical needs for version 2 and stand by me when we’re raising capital. Besides myself, we have two other founding members—a marketing guru who’s been named one of Hollywood’s best talent agents and a finance guy with a proven track record of raising huge funding for his private equity firm.

What’s most important to me in finding the right cofounder is not only experiences that complement mine and the team’s, but also a great personality fit. I want to bring in someone who will be just as ambitious and all-in as I am—we’re in it for the long run, whether it’s for this platform or something else in the future.